Workflow Enhancer for Jira

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What does it do?

Enhances the workflow validators, conditions and post functions in JIRA, allowing a wide range of comparisons with field values

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The Workflow Enhancer for Jira plug-in is aimed at enhancing the workflow validators, conditions and post functions in Jira by allowing the value of a field to be compared not only with another field or a value but making a wide range of comparisons possible.

The key features are:

  • Can be used as a workflow validator and condition
  • Allows to execute any post function based on a Boolean expression
  • Ability to enter full Boolean expressions
  • String equality and regular expression matching
  • Ordering and equality on dates (with or without a time attached)
  • Ordering and equality on numeric fields
  • Ordering and equality of time spans (in a particular format)
  • Addition and subtraction with sensible semantics depending on the context
  • Macros for the currently logged in user and the current date 
  • Custom messages for validator 

Supported languages are English and German.

On this page we will explain using examples how the plug-in can be used. Note that a very brief description of the syntax can be found on the page where expressions can be edited, for reference.


For current versions of JWFE, see Workflow Enhancer for JIRA Documentation

For older versions of JWFE (before 2.0) you find the documentation at Using the JIRA Workflow Enhancer - before version 2.0

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