Incompatibility of WFE with Valiantys "Elements Connect"


We are running a JIRA system of version 7.12.3 with these add-ons:

  • Workflow Enhancer: v 3.8.1 (highest 7.x compatible)

  • "Elements Connect" (former nFeed) with version 5.13.28

Now we tried to upgrade nFeed to V6.0.1 and got problems with WFE.

We use one workflow for 2 variants of processes.
Additional project settings are stored in an external DB, including attribute "Process-Type" with value "0" or "1". This value is read via custom field "Process Based"(type: nFeed Text Field).
Alternative behavior is achieved by WFE conditions and validators checking this field in combination with others.
In one transition the following validator expression assures that a certain user custom field is filled, depending on "Process Based" and Issue Type:

_With nFEED version 5.13 all works fine: field "Process Based" is properly resolved to "1" - logging:

WITH nFEED 6.x it is broken, as the value of field "Process Based" is not properly resolved:

So all our intended upgrade actions are currently blocked by this issue.
The most relevant change in nFeed 6 is the change of storage format from XML to JSON:
V5 stores a value like this:

In V6 it looks like this:

Can you fix this problem ?
As we are for now not able to upgrade to JIRA V8, it would be important for us to get this fix also for our JIRA V7.12.3.

Thanks in advance for your efforts.






Alois Faerber



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